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Completed Projects

No. Company Project
Reference No.
Job Title (Completed) Client Company
1 428 Installation of Level Indicators for 2 water Tanks & 1 diesel tank at Lusail tower city project for (UCC) RADIANT Qatari Sources
2 415 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Stand Alone Wash Basins for Umm Slal Health Center PHCC
3 414 Post and Rope with polished chrome base for PHCC HCs. PHCC
4 413 Supply & Installation of Gypsum Works, Fire Rated Door, Painting and Electrical Works at Al-Shamal Physiotherapy Villa PHCC
5 411 Conversion of Toilet/Bathroom Area to Washing Area at Ground Floor Block # 4 Bachelor Accomodation QEWC
6 410 Supply and Installation of 13 NOS Doors at Rowais Villas PHCC
7 407 Renovation and Civil Works at QEWC Bachelor Accomodation Building #1 at Ras Abu Fontas Qatar Electricity and Water Company (QEWC)
8 391 Proposed UPS Rooms for Four (4) HC's (Al Shamal, Al Rayyan, Abu Baker Al Siddiq and Abu Nakhla Health Center) PHCC
9 381 Modification and Refurbishment of Pharmacy & Reception Counters at Two HC's (Al Khor HC & Al Shamaal HC) PHCC
10 378 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Split AC and its related electrical works at Airport HC & Al Daayen HC PHCC
11 377 Supply & Install Covers for Manual Call Points in Various Health Centers PHCC
12 363 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Split AC and its related electrical works at Umm Salal HC & Al Madinat Khalifa HC PHCC
13 362 Supply and Fixing of Hospital Doors Queen Medical
14 359 Supply & Installation of Mechanical Door Holders (Hold Open Devices) at 5 HC's (Rawdat Al Khail Health Center, Al Roda Health Center, Lebaib Health Center, Umm Salal Health Center, West Bay Health Center) PHCC
15 356 Supply and Installation of High level and Low level controller at Al Khor for EMCO Qatari Sources
16 350 Renovation, SI of Proposed Door Widening & Replacement in 10 HCs PHCC
17 347 Construction of MIC Business & Recreational Center Package - 1 (Minor Metal works & Carpentry Works) ARCON
18 343 Supply and Installation of Low level alarm system for 3 water tanks with special indicator for Talal Contracting near Toyota Tower Qatari Sources
19 342 Supply & Installation of Low Level alarm panel system Qatari Development Company
20 333 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Split AC and its related electrical works for 4 PHCC HC's PHCC
21 326 Supply and Installation of Level Indicators for Intercon Hotel Qatari Sources
23 315 Supply and Installation of Low Level alarm system for Musheireb Site EL-WEFAQ ENGINEERING & CONTRACTING CO.
24 311 Installation of Level Indicators for 2 diesel tanks at opp Emiri Guard Qatari Sources
25 302 Supply & Installation of Low Level alarm panel system Qatari Development Company
26 296.2 Replacement, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Pharmacy Counter at Al Wakrah Health Center PHCC
27 296.1 Granite Walkway Replacement At Abu Baker Al Siddiq HC PHCC
28 295 Installation of low level alarm system for 1 Water Tank at Oxygen Plant Qatari Sources
29 275 SIC of Panic Devices for Emergency Exit Doors PHCC
30 271 Replacement of Walkways at 3 Health Centers PHCC
31 250 Pooling of Engineering Technicians 4nos GALFAR AL MISNAD Engineering & Contracting W.L.L.
32 240 Supply and Installation of Accounts Department Filing Cabinets ARAB UNITED CONSTRUCTION W.L.L. , Doha - Qatar
33 238.2 Renovations of 14 NOS. Guard Rooms PHCC
34 238.1 Renovation of Fourteen (14) PHCC Guard Houe Accommodation, One (1) Staff Accommodation and Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1 Pre Fabricated Guard House Accommodation PHCC
35 225 Dismantling of Display at Al Rayyan Sports Club M/S. A/V TECH (Audio Visual Technology)
36 222.2 Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Wall Mounted 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner (Piston) in Abu Bakr Siddiq HC PHCC
37 222.1 Supply & Installation of 2 Ton Split A/C Piston Type with Reciprocating Compressor and Refrigerant R-22 PHCC
38 206 Supply and Installation of Two (2) NOS. Mechanical Level Indicators Al Khor Mall
39 191.1 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of (4) Wall Mounted Split A/C for Umm Salal Health Center PHCC
40 191 Installation of New Split AC (4 Nos) including manpower, Material, Gas piping & Electrical works at Al Muntazah Health Center PHCC
41 183 Demolishing of Three (3) Storey PHCC Al Khor Nursing Accommodation Building, Including Removal of Debris, Leveling and Cleaning of Designated Area PHCC
42 182 Excavation and Underground Piping Installation @ Qatalum Fuel Station Area Al Hamad Trading Est
43 175 Construction of E-Cash Rooms for the following (6) Health Centers - Abu Nakhla HC, Al Daayen HC, Al Khor HC, Al Shamal HC, Al Wakra HC, Al Shahaniya HC PHCC
44 168.3 Water Piping Emergency Works (Damaged Main Water Supply at Al Khor Health Center) PHCC
45 168.2 Replace/Repair of Water Cooling Pushing Tap for Al Wakrah HC PHCC
46 168.1 Supply of Batteries for Fire Alarm Panel in PHCC All Health Centers PHCC
47 162 Replacement of Vinyl Flooring at Al Shamal Health Center Including Preliminaries, Civil Works, Cleaning Works, Masonary Works and Restoration Works PHCC
48 148 Replacement of Furnace Control Room Glass QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
49 140 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Emergency Aluminium Powder Coated Door Leaves & Frames at 6 Health Centers PHCC
50 137 Modification of Existing Patient Toilets to Accommodate Clean and Dirty Utility Rooms in Al Muntazah Health Center, Umm Ghuwailina Health Center and Madinat Khalifa Health Center PHCC
51 134 PHCC Maintenance of 7 out of 18 HCs GALFAR AL MISNAD Engineering & Contracting W.L.L.
52 119 C-Butt Blasting Chamber Repairs QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
53 117 Fabricate Fumehood Working Drain Platform with Drain QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
54 112 Repair of Steel Protection Barrier QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
55 109 Supply and Installation of Pouring Car Cabin Glass - 2 Set QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
56 108 Manufacturing and Supply of Hump Stopper - 7 Nos as per Sample QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
57 105 Fiber Optic Installation works for 4 Nos Sports Stadiums M/S. A/V TECH (Audio Visual Technology)
58 103 Supply and Installation of Net Poles for the Aspire Logistics Project Waterless Green Qatar
59 102 Fabricate Aluminium Bins QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
60 96 Wiring and Speakers Installation for the Wahab State Mosque M/S. A/V TECH (Audio Visual Technology)
61 95 Barrier Installation in Potline Basement QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
62 92.2 Modify Switch Board Compartment In ARP QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
63 92.1 Modifications to Switchboard Compartments ARP QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
64 82 Peephole Cover Repairs QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
65 75 Upgrading the HVAC system in the Cast House QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
66 73 EPIC of Dry Riser for FTC Cooling Tower QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
67 70 EPC: Chilled Water Pump System in X-Ray Lab QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
68 66 Access to Primary Crusher in Paste Plant QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
69 65 HMI Panel Relocation For BCP 1 & BCP 2 QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
70 54 Supply and Installation of Shower Cubicle QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
71 52 Fabrication and Installation of Safety Gates and Walkway Barriers QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
72 50 Automatic Shutter Door Link to FAS - Compressor House Door QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
73 48 Installation and Expansion Bellow At ACM Fan Inlet QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
74 47 EPC HVAC System Upgrade In FTP's 1, 2, 3 & 4 Battery Room QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
75 41 Provide Generator Fault Alarm In Furnace Area QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
76 38 Installation of A/C Units In the Remote PLC Panels In ARP QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
77 30 Fire Protection and Suppression for the Main warehouse and 3 Tents QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
78 15 New Offices in Power Administration Building QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
79 13 Dismantle and Preserve PTM Simulator QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
80 12 Supply and Installation of 1 Nos 5 Ton Casette Type AC UNITECH Qatar
81 10 Construction of Tent for Processing Reject Materials QATALUM (Qatar Aluminium Limited)
82 9.2 Buzwair Road Fire Pump System Buzwair Real Estate W.L.L
83 9.1 Supply and Installation of Fire Pumps and Alarms + Maintenance Buzwair Real Estate W.L.L
84 7 Refurbishment of Security Guard Room at Al Dukhan Qatar Electricity & Water Co. Q.S.C.
85 5.2 Construction of Guard House Al Mashata Saloon
86 5.1 Renovation of office portacabins storage area
Sun Shade for Painting Workshop
Al Huda
87 3 Fire Fighting Works at Khazan NASCO Contracting and Trading Co.
88 2 Glass Main Door and Glass Sign Board PENTAGRAM , Doha - Qatar
89 1.3 B+G+3 (MIRQAB) Building at Al Saad for Sheikh Ahmad Bin Jassim, Plumbing Works ARCON
90 1.2 Installation of New HVAC system for 2,600 Square Meter Area Rayes Laundry
91 1.1 Prevantative Maintenance Contract for 10 Health Centers Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC)